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Estimating the Proportion of Large Populations

Statistics Tutorial: Estimating a Proportion (Large Sample)

Suppose we select all possible samples of size n from a population of
size N. For each sample, we compute a sample proportion, p. The
relationship between the sample proportion, p, and the population
proportion, π, is described by the sampling distribution of the proportion.

The Sampling Distribution of a Proportion

When we examine the sampling distribution of the proportion, we find the

How to Find the Confidence Interval for a Proportion

A confidence interval provides the most useful estimate of a population proportion. When the sample size is large (greater than or equal to 30), the following six steps can be
used to construct a confidence interval.

Taken from: Probability, Statistics, and Survey Sampling Retrieved November 28, 2006 from http://www.stattrek.com/Lesson4/Proportion.aspx



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